Kayanza Natural

Blood Orange · Blackberry Preserves · Complex


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Natural processed coffees have remarkable dried fruit characteristics. They can often provide sweetness to those that want fruit forwardness but not a ton of lively acidity. Due to the jam-like body, this coffee is versatile and has a range of brewing options. Make sure to take note of its aroma as it smells similar to blackberry preserves and strawberries.

Helpful Hints:
Those hoping for a range of versatile brewing methods will gravitate towards this unique and dynamic flavor profile. Similar to Halo Beriti Natural from Ethiopia.

Potato Taste Defect
In certain coffee-growing countries like Rwanda, Burundi, western Uganda, and the DR of the Congo some coffee may fall subject to a defect called Potato Taste Defect (PTD). This defect is where a single infected bean can augment or alter the taste of that particular cup. This defect can only be detected once the coffee is ground or in some cases where it is more subtle when brewed. PTD is not harmful in any way but tastes/smells like raw potato. It cannot be found at the origin, it is only under these methods where it can be smelt/tasted. In a 12oz bag of coffee, the chances are very low and you may not even encounter the defect after brewing multiple batches or the entirety of the bag. Nevertheless, if you encounter a PTD-tainted cup, don’t hesitate to inform our customer experience department in exchange for a new bag of coffee.

Roast Level

Coffee Roasting Scale: 3

  • Coffee Details

    400 producers organized around the Incuti producer group




    Kayanza Province



    Years of Purchase

    1st Year




    1900 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Blood Orange, Blackberry Preserves, Complex

    Brew Method


    Brew Recipe

    Ratio: 1:2
    In: 19.0-19.6 grams of coffee
    Time: 25-30 seconds
    Out: 35-38 grams of coffee

  • Farmlevel Story


    This coffee, like many, is exceptional, but when we say that, it is not in flavor alone. At 1900 meters, surrounded by rainforest, it is home to the Incuti Producer group in Burundi’s Kayanza region. Incuti consists of small producing micro-lots comprising a large community of women coffee producers.

    Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian is the founder of JNP coffees who work to empower women coffee producers and establish the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA). It's through this chapter that the over 2,000 members gain access to financial management and leadership skills. Farmers are paid above premiums for their work, and through membership, the traceability to farmers is accessible. Natural processing coffee can be beneficial in environmental impact and give this coffee a distinct flavor profile.

    Due to the volcanic loam soil and controlled drying practices, this coffee is citric, coated with blackberry jam sweetness.

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