Elida Estate Green Tip Gesha

Juniper · Jasmine · Champagne


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All pre-sales for Elida Estate Green Tip Gesha will ship on December 10th. Each bag contains 8 ounces of whole bean coffee. Limited quantity and supply.

The first farm to isolate and cultivate “Green Tip Gesha,” Elida Estate continually delivers a vibrant, effervescent body with elegant aromatics of jasmine and juniper. This is the seventh vintage of our Farmlevel partnership with the Lamaste Estates. Green Tip is a prime example of taking note of the small things. The green-tipped leaves versus the bronze tipped counterparts was a serendipitous discovery.

This year’s lot is akin to a freshly opened citrus blossom merged with a champagne-like body that's nearly effervescent. Although Gesha can be lower yielding, they are arguably some of the most floral cups of coffee. Holding up to 40% more sugar than other varieties, we love their sweetness. If you enjoy Ethiopian floral coffee, Green Tip is sure to satisfy.

While the pronunciation is a hot topic discussed in our industry, we are flexible, hearing it said both as “Gesh-uh” and “Gae-shuh.” However you pronounce, there is no denying this is a note-worthy coffee. In 2018, Green Tip Gesha sold at the Best of Panama Auction for $601 per pound, setting a new world record for the price paid for green coffee.

Brew responsibly, it’s expensive. We recommend highlighting the delicate body of the coffee by using an Aeropress Brewer. Try 250 grams of water to 15 grams of coffee.

  • Bean Details

    Wilford and Thatcher Lamastus










    1800 Meters


    December - February

    Tasting Notes

    Juniper, Jasmine, Champagne

  • Farmlevel Story


    On the southeastern slopes of the imposing Volcan Baru - Panama's largest volcano - Elida Estate profits from being situated in one of the most biodiverse pockets of Central America.

    Here, the Lamastus family had long been known for producing exceptional Catuais when they endeavored to plant Gesha seeds on their 1,800 MASL estate. After four-and-a-half years of maturation, entering their first harvest, Thatcher and his son Wilford Lamastus observed a unique feature among his Gesha trees.

    The youngest leaves on the end of each branch exhibited either bronze, or green tips - a genetic pigmentation characteristic that varies by cultivar and habitat. Kindred truth-seekers, Wilford Lamastus and Verve co-founder Colby Barr sampled the separated seeds of the two plants only to conclude that the green-tipped plants produced a superior cup to their bronze-tipped equivalents. Henceforth, Elida Estate would become the first known farm to isolate and cultivate "Green Tip Gesha".

    Seven years later, we're honored to present the seventh vintage of a true testament to Farmlevel impact.

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Elida Estate Green Tip Gesha

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