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Holiday Blend

Cara Cara · Dark Chocolate · Cozy


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Rich dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and clove is your first introduction to this year’s Holiday Blend. Those notes perfectly balance the sweet and lively Cara Cara orange. You’ll notice brown sugar in the body, like a brûléed top of a warm pastry. The finish is cozy and bright down to the last sip!

Each year, when we think of the components of our Holiday seasonal blend, we want coffees that can provide comfort and warmth in a cup regardless of the brewing method. Those who loved Holiday Blend last year will be overjoyed with this perennial favorite.

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Multiple smallholding farms


    Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia


    Sidamo, Huila, Aceh Tengah


    Ethiopia Heirloom, Castillo, Tim Tim 

    Years of Purchase

    Multiple years




    1500-2100 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Cara Cara, Dark Chocolate, Cozy

    Brew Method


    Brew Recipe

    In: 19.7-20 grams of coffee
    Time: 23-27 seconds
    Out: 27-31 grams of coffee

  • Story

    You deserve a treat! This year’s Holiday Blend provides an indulgence of dark chocolate, warming spices, and cinnamon-like fragrance. The lively sweet note of Cara Cara is reminiscent of classic candied oranges. We wanted this year’s blend to brew a truly decadent cup. Even though each component comprising of this year’s seasonal blend grew thousands of miles and countries apart, it's a reminder that things can feel close even when far away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Terran S.
It's Good Coffee, But...

There isn't anything holiday about it. I'm not one for flavored coffee, but if it says holiday, I was expecting something a bit more spiced than just what tastes like a good South American blend. It's good, but holiday it aint.

Patti N.

Holiday Blend is delicious -- I'm ordering more while it's in stock!

Kevan w.
Superior Coffee Beans For the holiday season!

My wife and I have been buying Verve coffee beans for about five years, and this is the first time we bought their Holiday Blend. Great thing that we did as the flavor is really amazing. We never add sugar or milk to our coffee, as we like it simple and untouched like coffee should be, and this medium roasted blend has all the nice hints of flavor that are the perfect compliment to a morning muffin or toast. Great job, Verve (as always).

Marilyn M.

When I drink this, I feel like I am back with my family in Santa Cruz.

Joanne J.
Happy Holiday Brew!

I thought this coffee was very nice.

Bonnie M.
Something wonderful to wake up to!

Love Verve and the Holiday Blend is festive and a bit enchanting!

Leslie F.
Holiday blend

We love the Holiday Blend
It’s a favorite this time of the year !!

Brayden V.

Holiday Blend


Holiday Blend

Karen H.
Coffee Love

Always look forward to my morning coffee from Verve.

Holiday Blend

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