Nitro Flash Brew 12 pack - The Original


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      The Original starts with directly traded Ethiopian and Colombian Farmlevel coffees to create a refreshing fruit-forward brew that balances sweetness and acidity. Experience the sweet fudge flavors from the Colombian coffee that complement the dried strawberry notes of the Ethiopian counterpart.

      Tasting Notes: Honey, Fudge, Strawberry
      Producer: Various Producers
      Country: Colombia and Ethiopia
      Region: Cauca, Colombia, and Guji, Ethiopia
      Cultivar: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Heirloom
      Process: Washed, Natural
      Elevation: 1700 - 2150 Meters


      Behind The Cup: Our Ethiopian coffee comes from the Guji Highlands that is surrounded by rainforest. Founded in 2012, this organic coffee farm clocks in at 617 acres and is completely family run. Our Colombian coffee is provided by Argcafe Growers Association. The group is made up of 102 farmers who grow on the surrounding mountains and deliver their coffee to be processed at a shared mill



      The result is a clean and silky brew made just for you.




      Currently available in all Verve cafes.

      Verve Nitro Flash Brew has a shelf life of 16 weeks.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Holy Grail cold brew for decaf lovers

      Not sure what sorcery was used to create it, but I’m obsessed with the decaf flash brew. I can’t find cold brew decaf coffee anywhere ever and when I have it’s been watery and flavorless. The Vancouver flash brew is insanely good and worth every penny. Even my caffeinated husband loves it. It’s rich, velvety, and magical!!

      Alex H.
      Birthday Gift

      Amazing Product. Cant get enough!

      Jason H.

      Nitro Flash Brew 12 pack - The Original