The 1950

Nectarine · Key Lime · Brown Sugar


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Beloved by our baristas, The 1950 is a vibrant and sweet Ethiopian blend sourced from the birthplace of coffee. Composed of fully-washed coffees from high-elevation, smallholder producers. These heirloom coffees are roasted two ways to showcase their candied lime sweetness and brown sugar complexity. Shining both brewed and as espresso, your morning routine just turned into an adventure.

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details


    Tasting Notes

    Nectarine, Key Lime, Brown Sugar


    Various Producers




    2,000 - 2,200 Meters


    December - March

    Brew Method

    Kalita Wave

    Brew Ratio


    Brew Recipe

    Coffee: 20 grams
    Water: 320 grams
    Brew Time: 3:00 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    The 1950 is our salute to the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia is an incredibly diverse country in linguistic, cultural, and ecological terms – there is no single, monolithic flavor profile associated with its coffee. Our flagship Ethiopian blend celebrates the contributions of thousands of smallholder producers, often growing coffee on less than a hectare of land, and the unique complexity that results from their efforts. The 1950 blend’s components highlight the best of what Ethiopia has to offer. Candied lime sweetness and brown sugar complexity come together to add adventure to your morning routine.

Never run out of coffee again.


Customer Reviews

Based on 185 reviews
John S.
The 1950

Ok, time for a some kind words about Verve.
I've ordered many keys of beans from you.
1. Consistent
2. Quality
3. Quick shipping
I wish I lived close so I could thank you in person!

Bill F.
Fantastic blend

I keep a rating list of all the coffees I order from Verve, and The 1950 is at the top of my blend list. Thanks guys for such a superb roster of coffee.

Another delicious coffee from verve

This coffee is perfectly balanced and delicious! Such a good way to start the morning.

Patti N.
The 1950

I'm beginning to believe that there every coffee roasted by Verve is wonderful. Waking up to The 1950 every morning the past couple of weeks has been sheer pleasure -- a great way to start the day!

Thank you so much, Patti! We're stoked you are loving it.

Fabulous '50s

We are enjoying the latest batch of The 1950. It is a smooth, reliable go-to blend—prepared in a press pot and topped with steamed milk. We often try other Verve coffees for variety, but this one is in every order.

Michelle T.
Amazing coffee

Love all verve coffee!!! Great customer service, wonderful product!!

Melissa K.
Verve 1950

We didn't love 1950. Oddly we had it a year ago and loved it and have been talking about it since and I finally ordered it and this batch seemed weak - almost watery every morning. Not sure what was different but we were a bit bummed out by it. The other one we ordered is great.

We're bummed to hear that The 1950 didn't live up to your past experience, Melissa. We wanted to share our golden brewing ratio with you. It's 15:1 (water to coffee). We hope you'll give The 1950 another go with those measurements! Keep us posted.

Stephanie Y.
so good!!

I had never tried or heard of Verve coffee, but took a risk trying this after my sister raved about a different blend of Verve's. Needless to say, I absolutely LOVED IT. The flavor profile was so much up my alley that I've enjoyed drinking it black rather than with my usual splash of cream. Excited to try other Verve coffee!

Richard B.
Espresso brewing

Makes a great mellow espresso on a Lelit! 18.5g 39g.

Trapper D.R.
Boom boom boom boom

Makes a good cuppa joe

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