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Larrea Blend Craft Instant Coffee

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Medium roast

Indonesia & Ethiopia


Behind the cup

Larrea Blend is back and ready to kickstart all of your sunny summer days. Lively tropical notes of Vibrant and fruity notes of pomelo, watermelon, and orange zest come together to create our signature summer blend. We blended two of our returning favorite coffees for this year’s Larrea Blend. A perfectly balanced blend of a sweet natural Ethiopian coffee from Guji Highlands combined with a bright Indonesian coffee from Ribang Gayo. Your perfect summer companion has returned.


The finest coffees in the world hand-roasted, small-batch brewed and preserved for you.

Add one packet of Verve Instant Craft Coffee into your mug along with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), give it a stir, and drink up.

Makes 6 cups of coffee.


Coming from Indonesia, Ribang Gayo is both tart and clean and our first ever purchase from Indonesia. Asman Arianto is originally from Palembang, South Sumatra but has lived and worked in Aceh Tengah since 1998. He found his interest in coffee production while living here which caused him to shift to collecting cherries and processing coffees. He experimented with fully-washed, honey-process, and natural on his farm, familiarizing himself with various processing methods. 

The natural Ethiopia Guji Highlands component was the perfect fit to blend with Ribang Gayo. Situated between Sidamo and Yirgacheffe is the region of Guji Highlands. Both neighbors are known for their specialty coffee and unique flavor profiles, and the region of Guji is of no difference in their distinct flavor profiles. Until 2002, Guji was considered a part of the Yirgacheffe region but established itself as its own region. This unique gathering of cherries sets this region apart in flavor and overall cup experience. This farm was founded in 2012 and is entirely family-run. It is located on 250 hectares of land (or 617 acres), and the farm reaches up to 2300 MASL. The farm is nestled in and surrounded by a rainforest where they practice organic farming. The farmers also help neighboring smallholding producers by purchasing coffee and making the mill available for processing their coffees.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tim L.

Larrea Blend Craft Instant Coffee

Marty B.
Instant Excellent

Very surprised how good this is. Could not tell difference from a pour over except a thinner mouth feel. Replaces all the stuff I used for travel.

Vanessa D.
Finally—delicious instant coffee!!

I’m an avid backpacker and coffee drinker. There is nothing worse than not having coffee when you wake up on a cold mountain trail with either really bad coffe or GASP…no coffee (forgot the grinder, forgot the coffee, etc) verve has solved my problem and created delicious craft instant coffee—thank you!!! I’ll be ordering often.

Federico M.J.

Great tasting coffee.

Nisha M.
Perfect cup

Wonderful coffee and you know what? It's Instant coffee unlike any other.

Christina B.

Larrea Blend Instant Craft Coffee

Perfect gIft

I always order instant coffee for a fun and great gift