Seabright House Blend Craft Instant Coffee


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From our house to yours, Seabright House Blend is undeniably inviting. Composed of direct trade coffees from El Salvador and Guatemala. Seabright showcases apricot and honeydew flavor notes. A balanced mouthfeel. And aromatics of toasted hazelnuts. Set yourself up for a winning day with one of our easiest drinking blends.

Amazing things come in tiny packages. Verve Craft Instant Coffee is hand-roasted, small-batch brewed and preserved for your adventures. Ready to be brewed wherever and whenever. A week’s worth of premium coffee in your pocket.

Add one packet of Verve Craft Instant Coffee into your mug along with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), stir, and drink up.

Makes 6 cups of coffee.

  • Coffee Details

    El Salvador, Guatemala

    Tasting Notes

    Honeydew, Apricot, Hazelnut


    Various Producers




    1,700 - 2,000 Meters


    February - April

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Shahn K.
Verve Instant Coffee

I have not had instant coffee in over 30 years and recently needed an easy way to get my caffeine fix while traveling. So I turned to my favorite coffee maker in Santa Cruz and Verve Instant Coffee has changed how I see instant coffee! I ordered 4 different flavors of instant coffee from Verve and I've tried each one now. They are all amazingly good and distinct in flavor. I've tried them with hot water or pouring it into a cold bottle of water and shaking it; while I prefer hot, the cold method is perfectly acceptable and I can see myself using it a lot when camping/traveling. The instant coffee packages take up as much room as a tea bag. I am now hooked on instant coffee.

Bright and delicious

Recently purchased Verve coffee for a camping trip as an easy alternative to a percolator or French press. Was impressed with the flavor, most similar to drip coffee. Will use again!

Chris H.
Best Thing I Tried

Bought this for the convenience of having morning coffee while camping. It tastes just as if I was making a cup at home with freshly ground beans. Would definitely recommend this one.

Nathan W.
Comfortable Coffee

Verve Coffee is thee absolute BEST Coffee I’ve tasted in over 40years! I know Good Coffee...and I finally Found It!! Two 👍🏿👍🏿Up!

Wow thank you so much, Nathan! We're so glad you're loving it.

Excitingly good!

Pretty happy with the instant coffee purchase! Definitely excited for this compared to grocery store instant coffee. However the price felt a little steep when I could’ve got a bag of beans for same-ish price. Very easy to make too.

Myrna H.

Seabright House Blend Instant Craft Coffee

Fernando R.
It is Muy Bueno and Excelente!

The cherry and marzipan flavor notes are rich welcome in my morning coffee routine. #AmazingCoffee. Me gusta mucho este cafe (I love this coffee very much). Fer R.

Christine T.

Seabright House Blend Instant Craft Coffee

Teri J.
Good in a pinch!

Better than any other instant we have tried but nothing can top Verve whole beans, grind it daily, and prepare a cup of coffee!

Heath P.

Seabright House Blend Instant Craft Coffee