Halo Beriti

Honeysuckle · Sugar Plum · Dynamic


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Halo Beriti is consistently floral and sweet year after year. We find that it always delivers a flavor profile that connects coffee to its fruit form, including the aroma of blossoms right before harvest.

This coffee brews an elegant cup. Florals and complexity will summon you back, sip after sip. Those who love Sakaro will love this lot from Halo Beriti.


Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Various Small Producers




    Halo Beriti Woreda, Gedeb District 


    Ethiopia Heirloom

    Years of Purchase

    6 years 




    1900-2200 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Honeysuckle, Sugar Plum, Dynamic

    Brew Method


    Brew Recipe

    Ratio: 1:13
    Coffee: 18 grams
    Water: 234 grams
    Total Brew Time: 3:00 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    Ripe coffee cherries are first delivered to the Halo Beriti washing station and then funneled through a massive hopper that leads to a water channel where pickers sort them based on whether they sink or float. Following the sorting process, cherries exit the floatation channel into a depulper machine that effectively strips them of their fruit, exposing a gooey layer called mucilage. In some instances, coffee seeds then enter a demucilager that scrubs that layer off, leaving them ready for drying.

    What is not common knowledge is that this processing often happens in the middle of the night. Due to the vastness, topography, and sub-optimal road conditions of Southern Ethiopia, farmers must drive for 6 to 8 hours to deliver their freshly-picked cherries to the wet mill. Since coffee cherry harvest occurs during the daytime, one might have to wait until twilight to see a mill in action. Our latest visit to the Hambela Estate mill to observe lots farmed by the Halo Beriti community was at 2 am!

    Ideally situated in the Gedeb District, Halo Beriti farmers harvest coffee from as high as 2,200 MASL. It’s thanks to this and the Hambela Estate’s meticulous standards and preparation that Halo Beriti is among our favorites of the season.

Never run out of coffee again.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rob T.
Halo Beriti Coffee

I wasn’t disappointed by the coffee, but I wasn’t surprised by it either. A distinct lack of flavor afterwards. Glad I tried it, but I am also excited to try your other upcoming brandings as well.

Sunggu K.
brewed by cold and pour over

For me, it was good for both cold brew and pour over. But if you want more acidity, I recommend another one. Right before this, I had two gesha from Verve. Also, it my personal impression. This one is bit lighter. Ah, if you want to dark/heavy one, this is not a good candidate.

Halo Beriti

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