Kalita Coffee Filters #185


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Made of the finest, high-grade coffee filter paper, Kalita coffee filters ensure a proper extraction from your Kalita Wave brewer. The thoughtful design keeps the coffee filter slightly suspended above the bottom of the coffee brewer to help funnel water contact away from the outer wall of the dripper. We recommend pre-soaking the coffee filter to keep it on the wall. This will ensure you don’t lose the amazing wave coffee brewing action.

PRO TIP: Stay on top of your coffee filter stash! These specially imported coffee filters are hard to find offline.


  • Made in Japan
  • 100 white paper filters per box
  • Flat-bottomed cone shape  
  • 7.25” diameter
  • Fits Kalita Wave Dripper #185

Customer Reviews

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Klatsoot n.
Kalita 185 Filters

I got them moist, and they said, “hi.” Then I put the brown grindo stank in there, and drizzled it with hot wah wah. It said, “mmmm, yassss.” Then I poured more and more, and a high stank rose up into the air, and I was all, like, “waoh”, and then all the hot wadooz dripped out and the filter was all, like, “see this? I keep the muddy brown stank powder inside, so you don’t have to”, and I was, like, “thank you, Kalita 185 paper filter for drip pourover! You are a miracle of Jesus!” And then I darnk up the liquid and boy boy boy was it ever nice!

Edward D.

Kalita Coffee Filters #185

Gary H.
Fast service

Decent price. Good product. Fast service. What’s more to say?

Dennis H.
Great filters

Not much to say, these are great filters. I always wet them before brewing. Zero paper taste and they produce an excellent, smooth cup of coffee. Stumbled upon Verve a few months ago while trying to find reasonably priced Kalita 185 filters, and they are now my go-to. :) I always order two at a time.

Kyd P.

Kalita Coffee Filters #185

Roger N.
Good product, good service

Appreciate retailers who have product availability and service quality!

Alisha U.

The coffee is amazing! Super light and flavor

Erwin C.

Kalita Coffee Filters #185

Micky C.

Kalita Coffee Filters #185

Jeanette S.
Just what I wanted

I received the Kalita coffee filters just as I wanted. It had been hard to find them except through Amazon. I was happy to support a small business