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Wilder Blend

Cantaloupe · White Cherry · Honeysuckle


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Juicy notes of ripe cantaloupe balanced with sweet yet tart, white cherries are the first impressions of Wilder Blend. Floral honeysuckle adds an element both light and refreshing—the perfect coffee to take you into Spring.

Wilder Blend is a perfect example of mixing Colombian and Ethiopian components, highlighting elements of both natural and washed coffees. Making its return to the menu for another year, previous lovers of this blend will be happy to experience another season of Wilder Blend.

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Various smallholding farms


    Colombia and Ethiopia




    Ethiopia Heirloom, Colombia


    Washed and Natural


    1250-2000 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Cantaloupe, White Cherry, Honeysuckle

    Brew Method

    Kalita Wave

    Brew Recipe

    Coffee: 20 grams
    Water: 300 grams
    Time: 3:00 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    Returning to our menu, Wilder Blend is our first seasonal blend of the year, marking a fresh start. While our single-origin offerings are roasted to highlight the unique and seasonal characteristics that make them individually special, our blends promise balance and consistency year-in, year-out. But, sometimes. We can’t help but mash up what we think are two or three of our most delicious seasonal offerings to yield something with the uniqueness of a single-origin and a blend’s consistency.

    This seasonal blend combines two very different tasting coffees from two very distinct places, Colombia and Ethiopia. With both natural and washed components, this year’s Wilder blend celebrates the best of both countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Brian Q.
Great BLend

Great blend - raspberry really comes through. Perfect cup before riding the Enchanted Loop at Wilder Ranch State Park.

Loved it!

This was delicious - would absolutely order this again if it was available!

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Wilder Blend

I look forward to the Wilder blend when it comes out every year - it never disappoints! Deliciously smooth and a great way to wake up in the morning. Thanks Verve!

Delicious and full flavored!

These beans produce an espresso that is so smooooth, no bitterness at all. It tastes like molasses.

Brian K.
Another great Wilder blend!

I am generally a Sermon junkie, but have come to love Wilder in the last few years. The notes of fig, raspberries and refreshing hit the nail on the head! All in all, it is likely to be part of my rotation for years.

Karl G.

One of my fav blends always and this is coming from a single origin preference, unique and lively!

Tasty Blend!

I usually go for Latin America single origins, but this is a great blend. Thanks Verve crew!

Jess M.
Wild About Wilder

That coffee did not last as long as I would have liked. The freshness was unmatched, even compared to when I buy at Roy's Station (which I usually do when there are not sky high COVID cases all over the place). Who knew there was an upside to this pandemic thing?! Roasted yesterday coffee delivered to my door? Yes please!

Mr. B.
Morning goodness

This by far is my favorite coffee from Verve. I buy it by the kilo. Can’t get enough.

Ana C.B.M.

Limited-Edition Wilder Blend

Wilder Blend

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