Tangelo · Pear · Brown Sugar


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Having multiple coffees from Burundi on our menu at one time showcases the vast array of unique characteristics these coffees have to offer. They have citrus, to this one specifically of tangelo. They are also grown in volcanic soil that adds a slight spiced characteristic to the overall impression. Ngozi is spiced with concentrated brown sugar sweetness.

There are moments when you’re sitting on multiple bags of coffee at any given time. This coffee is the one you reach when you’re unsure of what to make. The reason being, it can pair with a lot of situations. It is good straight off the brewer, as it cools, and is delicious over some ice in the afternoon. Suitable for those looking for an African coffee without super vibrant florals and acidity.

Roast Level

Coffee Roasting Scale: 3

  • Coffee Details

    Turihamwe Station




    Ngozi Province



    Years of Purchase

    1st Year




    1750 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Tangelo, Pear, Brown Sugar

    Brew Method

    Countertop Coffee Maker

    Brew Recipe

    Ratio: 1:13
    Coffee: 50 grams
    Water: 650 grams 
    Total brew time: Depending on the brewer, 4-5 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    Coming to our menu from Ngozi Province, more specifically, the Turihamwe Cooperative is a coffee for both flavor and story you’ll never forget. The name in Kirundi means, “together” and that’s what seven women did. They came together with hard work and their entire savings from premiums paid for their exceptional coffee to start this washing station.

    This coffee is grown in volcanic soil, known in this region of Burundi, and altitudes can range from 1200 to 1950 meters above sea level. They have the best of both nutrient-dense soils that hold water well, which is ideal as they see over 47 inches per year.

    The washing station began in 2019, two laters it is comprised of 5 micro-lots, and they are hoping with each earning year, they can increase that volume to processing over 158,000 pounds of green coffee.

    Owning their washing station also means they control the quality of their coffee and how it’s processed. With that visibility, the coffee quality continues to increase, and currently, they oversee the processing of multiple Bourbon varieties.

    All coffees from Burundi are small production micro-lots. This aids their traceability and is special for both origin and cup profiles unique to this country.

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