Indonesia and Ethiopia

Larrea Blend Craft Instant Coffee

Rosemary · Asian Pear · Lime


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Named after a flowering desert plant, Larrea Seasonal blend showcases the harmonious pairing of two coffees grown over 4,000 miles apart. The result is a uniquely balanced blend with rustic, earthy flavors from Indonesia and floral, citrus qualities from Ethiopia.

Amazing things come in tiny packages. Verve Craft Instant Coffee is hand-roasted, small-batch brewed, and preserved for your adventures. Ready to be brewed wherever and whenever. A week’s worth of premium coffee in your pocket.

Add one packet of Verve Craft Instant Coffee into your mug along with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), stir, and drink up.

Makes 6 cups of coffee.

  • Coffee Details

    Members of Kopepi Ketiara & 850 Members of the Ajere washing station


    Indonesia and Ethiopia


    Gayo Highland, Sumatra Aceh, Aricha of the Yirgacheffe District


    Tim Tim, Gayo 2, and Ethiopian Heirloom


    Washed and Semi-Washed


    1,100-1,450 and 1,800-2,100 Meters


    September-June & December-February

    Tasting Notes

    Rosemary, Asian Pear, Lime

    Brew Method

    Take it on the go with a MiiR mug

    Brew Recipe

    Add one packet of instant to your mug with 10oz of hot (water, milk, alternative milk). Make sure to stir for 30 seconds making sure all coffee is integrated. This will help with instant to fully dissolve.
    Add one packet of instant to your glass with 10oz of cold (water, milk, alternative milk). Make sure to stir for 30 seconds. Wait to add ice until after coffee is integrated.

  • Farmlevel Story


    Larrea inspires us with the promise that despite challenging circumstances we face year to year, growth endures even in the harshest of conditions. Both components of our second Larrea Blend seasonal survived a desolate year in climate as well as the desert of isolation brought upon by Covid-19, and are the product of determination and hard work. Our goal was to blend two coffees grown over 7,000 kilometers apart from vastly different regions—Ethiopia and Indonesia—and showcase their harmonious pairing. We feel the result is a uniquely balanced blend with rustic, earthy flavors from Indonesia anchored by Ethiopia’s floral and citrus qualities.

    Larrea is approachable for those that love Single Origin coffees and balanced for those who usually gravitate towards a blend. So we took to the desert where warm, soil-like balance meets complex acidity. Larrea is a bush that thrives in arid temperatures—native to California and Mexico. When first trying this coffee, we experienced pleasantly dry; herbaceous flavors met with a tart burst of fruit forwardness. Our goal was to blend these two coffees, grown over 4,000 miles apart and from vastly different growing regions, to showcase their harmonious pairing.

    Our first component is from a women-led cooperative in Sumatra Aceh Gayo. This cooperative has been around for over twenty-five years, and its primary goal is to support and empower women and younger generation farmers. They begin their processing by pulping cherries in the afternoon, and then they are fermented for 8-24 hours. After that, cherries undergo a detailed double and triple hand-sorting screening process to select only the ripest and densest ones.

    Our second component is from the Ajere washing station in the Yirgacheffe district of Ethiopia. There are 850 members of this cooperative that deliver cherries from farms ranging between 1-2 hectares of land. Coffees are sorted and processed at the mill, then are fermented from 36-48 hours before laid out to dry on raised beds for 12-15 days.

Customer Reviews

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Marty B.
Instant Excellent

Very surprised how good this is. Could not tell difference from a pour over except a thinner mouth feel. Replaces all the stuff I used for travel.

Vanessa D.
Finally—delicious instant coffee!!

I’m an avid backpacker and coffee drinker. There is nothing worse than not having coffee when you wake up on a cold mountain trail with either really bad coffe or GASP…no coffee (forgot the grinder, forgot the coffee, etc) verve has solved my problem and created delicious craft instant coffee—thank you!!! I’ll be ordering often.

Federico M.J.

Great tasting coffee.

Nisha M.
Perfect cup

Wonderful coffee and you know what? It's Instant coffee unlike any other.

Christina B.

Larrea Blend Instant Craft Coffee

Perfect gIft

I always order instant coffee for a fun and great gift

Larrea Blend Craft Instant Coffee

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