Gayo Gayo Espresso

Olallieberry · Melon · Nutmeg


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Natural processed coffees have a way of opening the door into bright and vibrant flavor profiles. The first impression of this coffee is fresh Olallieberries, and the blend of the washed components brings crisp melon to the body of the cup. Both pair excellent with milk dairy, and milk alternatives. It rounds out with spices unique to the growing country, similar to nutmeg. Even though it’s roasted for espresso, it is an exceptional cup of coffee, good for the morning when your eyes haven’t even fully opened.

This isn’t the first time we blended a natural and washed processed coffee. However, it is the first time we sought to do it with two very different and delicious coffees from Indonesia. Those looking for the dried fruit sweetness with the clean finish will enjoy the best of both with this blend.

Roast Level

Coffee Roasting Scale: 3

  • Coffee Details

    Asman Arianto/Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative




    Aceh Province, North Sumatra


    Abyssinia, Ateng, Gayo 1, Gayo 2, Timtim

    Years of Purchase

    1st Year


    Washed and Natural


    1500-1700 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Olallieberry, Melon, Nutmeg

    Brew Method


    Brew Recipe

    In: 19 grams of coffee
    Time: 25-30 seconds
    Out: 36-40 grams of coffee

  • Farmlevel Story


    If coffee could be a bridge, connecting your palette to multiple different types of sweetness, acidity, and stand-alone all by itself, you’d maybe never forget it. This blend feels like a bridge, uniting sweetness and balance from both processes. We think the pairing of the two brings the experience to a wide range of brew methods and audiences.

    Asman Arianto is originally from Palembang, South Sumatra but has lived and worked in Aceh Tengah since 1998. He found his interest in coffee production while living here, which caused him to shift to collecting cherries and processing coffees. He experimented with fully washed, honey, and natural on his farm, familiarizing himself with various processing methods.

    He decided he wanted to build a cooperative to bring together coffee farmers and find a market for these coffees. In 2018, Asman formed the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative. His goal is to offer competitive prices that can help farmers reinvest in their farms and their families. The cooperative currently has over 350 members who deliver cherry to their processing facility in Patan Musara.

    The benefits for cooperative members are threefold. First, they get higher prices for their cherry when they sell to the cooperative. Second, as cooperative members, they receive end-of-season ‘second payment’ premiums that share a portion of profits earned for higher-quality lots. In 2019, that premium was 500 Rupiah per kilogram. Finally, the cooperative provides training and outreach for farmers in everything from cultivation to processing.

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