Elida Natural Farmlevel Reserve

Berry · Pink Lemonade · Molasses


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Each bag contains 8 ounces of whole bean coffee. Limited quantity and supply.

(Re)discover this impeccable naturally-processed coffee from Elida Estate. This year’s Catuai offering is full of rich, sweet molasses balanced with pink lemonade acidity and fresh berry flavors.

Elida Estate was our first Direct trade relationship when co-founder Colby Barr first started traveling to Origin. This farm is not only home to our luxurious floral Geshas but also a naturally processed coffee named after the farm we know and love.

Verve Coffee Roasters was the first to purchase this lot of coffee, which helped kickstart Elida’s natural Catuai production. It’s one of the few naturals we’ve come to purchase consistently. The distinct cherry sweetness can only be achieved through slow maturation. This coffee variety is known to not only produce a high yield but also dense seeds, which we find lends to its deep complexity.

Naturally processed coffee uses the least amount of water, making it more sustainable for producers and a more viable option for our planet. Coffee does run a risk of over-fermentation, but with meticulous processing, the result can be sweetness reminiscent of warm pie fresh from the oven.

If you have an espresso machine, it is quite tasty with milk. However, a Kalita Wave can highlight its deep sweetness and clarity. We recommend a ratio of 16 to 1 (16 grams of water to 1 gram of coffee). Try 400 grams of water to 25 grams of coffee. Veering from our standard recipe puts a fun spin on the ability to change up the body. With this exceptional coffee, we opted for more water to highlight the delicate body and liven up the floral notes.

  • Bean Details

    Wilford and Thatcher Lamastus










    1670 - 1870 Meters


    January - May

    Tasting Notes

    Berry, Pink Lemonade, Molasses

  • Farmlevel Story


    After falling in love with the country while working on the Panama Canal, Robert Lamastus founded Elida Estate in the early 1900s. Today the estate is under the supervision of his grandson Wilford who has spent his whole life turning Elida into one of the most well-respected farms in the producing world.

    During harvest season, a unique weather pattern, the “Bajareque” (pronounced bah-ha-reh-kay), turns Boquete into one of the most intense and magnified microclimates in the coffee-producing world.

    Given its situation on the Eastern slopes of Volcan Baru, in the Eastern portion of the Cordillera Talamanca, a mist accumulates around Boquete when a cold front is present along the coast of Florida. The Bajareque engulfs the Boquete landscape in an immense fog that prolongs cherry maturation resulting in the denser, more complex coffee for which Boquete has come to be known.

    As if that weren't enough... The Catuai grown on Elida Estate is some of the healthiest we've seen. This 100% Catuai lot is dry-processed on patios under careful supervision to make for an impeccably clean and consistent cup.

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Elida Natural Farmlevel Reserve

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